Welcome to the new ReaderGrev

A reintroduction...

Artwork by Sonny Ross

Hi there! Welcome to the new and almost-identical ReaderGrev website.

I made the move to readergrev.com on the occasion of launching a Patreon alongside my colleague Jacob Wolf — another journalist whose work I admire.

We started our Patreon as an experiment. Both of us have done video game and esports journalism separately in the past. Earlier this year, that got us thinking: What if we gathered our output under one umbrella? Could we build something that could sustain and support our work — and maybe, down the line, the work of other journalists and creators we admire too?

Here’s what I told Alex Lee at Digiday in an interview earlier this month about what Jacob and I were hoping to do:

This is like a trial balloon for something bigger. … The line from two journalists working together under one umbrella to four journalists and an editor and a video producer — you can draw that line pretty easily. But we have to test the case first.

I also said some stuff about New York Magazine and The Drift party which will scan for maybe… 2-5 people. But it makes me giddy thinking about the new ground we can cover together.

By pooling our resources and marshaling the support of our backers — our wonderful readers, watchers and listeners! — we hope to produce more of the journalism that we’d like to see in this space: longform investigations, searing criticism and in-depth interviews.

Jacob and I will have more to share about this leg of our journey in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for being in our corner.